hands of henna - henna body art



Henna has been applied to the skin as temporary
body art in India,
Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years. 
Henna was and still is used for wedding celebrations,
festivals and joyous occasions. 
Dried henna leaves are crushed to a fine powder,
mixed with dye releasing ingredients and
applied to the skin to create a stain.
Cones containing henna paste are used to draw beautiful
and intricate designs on the skin. 
Henna promotes relaxation, as the recipient must stay calm
and still while the henna design is applied and as it dries.
 Staying true to traditional henna preparation and application, "hands of henna", mixes their own henna paste using
dried henna leaf powder, lemon juice, tea tree oil and sugar.
Our Henna NEVER contains PPD!!
hands of henna brings the art of Mendhi (henna tattoos) to Central Massachusetts.  Incorporate the services of a henna tattoo artist into your next event.

- Fund Raisers
- Teen/Adult Birthday Parties
- Family Reunions
- Baby or Wedding Showers
- Corporate Events
- Festivals
- Girls Night (book a party for you and
                       your friends and you receive a free tattoo)

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