hands of henna - henna body art
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 Why Henna?
Henna body art is a fun addition to many events. Use an artist to entertain at family gatherings, sweet 16, class reunions, themed parties, baby/wedding showers or whenever people gather for a joyous occasion. 
Henna is well received at art/music festivals, street fairs and corporate events.
 We also do private "girls nite" parties
where the hostess receives free henna!
All that you need is at least five guests. 
Each guest pays $25 (more if they want a
larger henna design).  
text 978-855-2324 for more information
What is in our henna paste?
We prepare our own paste using:
- Pure Jamila Henna Powder
- LemonJuice
- Agave Nectar  (Sugar)
- Tea Tree Essential Oil
How long will my henna tattoo last?
Henna body art designs (temporary tattoo) will last between one and four weeks depending on the frequency the tattooed area is washed and how long the henna paste stays on the skin once applied.  Covering your tattoo with liquid band aid or medical tape after the paste dries will help prevent the paste from crumbling off.  Once the paste has crumbled off, apply oil (olive works) to the design.  When bathing or swimming covering your tattoo with Vaseline will assist with prolonging the life of your tattoo.  The palms of your hands and bottoms of your feet will stain close to a mahogany color.  Other areas of your body will darken to mahogany brown.
Where are we located?
hands of henna is located in North Central Massachusetts and will travel depending on the event.  Contact us for details.

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