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                  Pregnancy Henna
Henna is believed to protect and bless the mother and child from evil or
malicious spirits that may be near during delivery. 
Recently Henna has been applied to a pregnant stomach during the 8th trimester. 
Gather your friends to share your henna experience in honor of the soon to be Mother.
Day of application
Day of application
Day after application
Day after application
Bridal Henna
Although most would associate wedding henna with the intricate designs of a traditional hindu wedding ceremony, henna ia becoming a popular unique way to adorn the bride on her special day in non traditional formats.Hands of henna will map out your design for you prior to henna.  Your design can be as simple or as intricate as you desire.  Let us help you celebrate your special day uniquely with our contemporary designs.  We offer designs for any budget.  When scheduling your appointment, keep in mind that henna should be applied at least 48 hours prior to your ceremony.  We offer package that include a "dry run" prior to the application for your wedding day.  Call for details 978-855-2324

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